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Practice Accrediation & Patient Survey

ACCREDITATION: We are working towards practice accreditation. General Practice Accreditation is independent recognition that our practice is committed to delivering safe and high quality healthcare to our patients by complying with the Royal Australian College of General Practitioners (RACGP) Standards for general practice. Once legitimately accredited we will be recognised by the consumers, the Government (Medicare and the Department of Health) and the Standards setting body – (RACGP).

PATIENT SURVEY: We thank all of our patients who have completed patient surveys. We did exceptionally well in this Practice Accredited Improvement Survey. Over a month our patients completed confidential surveys answering 27 questions about the practice. We have been bench marked in the top 25% of 4347 practices surveyed. 99% of all patients surveyed rated the practice good, very good and excellent. We are committed to quality improvement not only now but every day. Soon we will have a suggestions box that will stay in the waiting room, if you would like to make a suggestion to improve our services please feel free to do this when you visit. Should you have a complaint please advise our Practice Manager Mel immediately to ensure there is no repetition and the matter is resolved immediately. She is available in the practice on Tuesday and Friday and on call Monday, Wednesday and Thursday.


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